Sunshine we have into the water we need.

SolRio is a nonprofit organization with a mission to mitigate drought through solar-powered desalination

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Our vision embraces regional scale, solar-powered desalination to provide the water we need for continued ecological, social and economic vitality. Come explore how we can protect our fish, our farms, our families and our future from drought and climate change. Join our effort to secure a sound, environmentally balanced, secure future for everyone in America’s Southwest.


Water from the ocean

We start with desalinating ocean water through reverse osmosis, using an existing desalination facility located on the California coast.

Energy from the sun

Unlike other desalination operations, SolRio’s desalination process is powered by the sun, reducing our footprint and our dependence on fossil fuels.

Clean drinking water

The result is new, clean, fresh drinking water that can be delivered to the utilities and irrigation districts though out the Southwest.