Sunshine We Have into the Water We Need

Lake Mead Levels

Lake Mead, Falling Level – Photo Kumar Appaiah – Chart from Bureau of Reclamation data.

We live in a land with lots of sunshine, but not enough water. The recently released National Climate Assessment predicts more sunshine and less water ahead for the American Southwest. Reservoirs are drying up, and our population continues to grow. Our cities, our high value agriculture, our environment and our future all depend on water we don’t have.

If only we could turn some of our sunshine into the water we need. As it happens we can, and on a scale large enough to meet our long-tern water needs. By combining todays more efficient, lower cost solar panels with the latest in desalination technology we can use the energy in sunshine to bring rivers of fresh water out of the sea.

 25-MW solar power system

Solar Farm


Desalination Plant

Solar Farms – Climate Proof Watershed

Energy produced by a solar farm like this one, sent through the power grid to a reverse osmosis desalination plant will produce enough fresh water each year to cover the solar farm to the height of a 6-story building! Think about that. Solar farms powering desalination plants generate twice the water per acre of the world’s wettest rainforest.

Over the coming decade 300,000 acres of irrigated Central California farmland will be removed from production due to naturally high amounts of selenium and boron in the soil. Solar farms on just this area of disused farmland would produce more fresh water than the Colorado River.

Solar electricity powering desalination delivers reliable water, unaffected by drought or climate change. This is a true climate proof watershed to meet our water needs.

A Vision for Sustainable Water

SolRio Swish

Turning Sunshine We Have into the Water We Need is a vision for sustaining the environment, agriculture, cities and vibrant growth of the American Southwest in the face of drought and climate change. It is our vision.

We are The SolRio Organization for Climate Change Mitigation, a public charity fostering active communities of individuals and organizations working to mitigate and adapt to climate change. If you are interested in climate change and what we can do about it, we would like to hear from you.