Can We Afford Critical Infrastructure?

Aqueduct Infrastructure

Pont du Gard Aqueduct image – Emanuele

Once the USA was a financially powerful country, but we may have frittered that away. Infrastructure is important for our national welling being. But what infrastructure we build with our currently limited resources is critical. What use are grand structures if we thirst for water? What good is a bullet train if food costs are prohibitive? What good is the social net if we’re all in it? We must regain control of our mutual destiny which is our country offering opportunity to all.

Water, energy, clean air, safe cities, public transportation, opportunity to better oneself, mobility freedom, environmental security and wholesome food. What if you had to choose 7 out of these 9? How would you prioritize the list (and not add one’s pet project but remain within this list)? This is why we elect our government officials to sort out the best possible uses of our resources. However, we are not in a perfect world and sometimes we need to “prod” our government into listening and acting upon what we citizens believe is most important to our well-being.

I personally lobbied against the peripheral canal, Sacramento’s last Great vision for addressing our State’s need for additional water… steal it from the North, wow what a great idea that was!

I for one believe without fresh water, all else is secondary, clean plentiful and affordable water provides us safe food, jobs, cities, and discretionary freedom to travel, explore, and permits personal growth. I support the project if for no other reason than these dedicated citizens are trying to solve a regional issue without negatively impacting their neighboring states.

Join us in addressing and maybe evening solving this critical issue… clean affordable water for the Western USA. Because we cannot afford not to invest in adequate, reliable, fresh water.