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Mono Lake

I was driving along scenic highway US 395 the other day, passing first picture perfect Mono Lake and a few hours later Owens Lake, dried and destroyed by humans, and their ever necessary need for water.

Yes, everyone can point fingers at someone or some entity on why Owens Lake had to be sucked dry and then left to die. We’ve learned that destruction of natural beauty is reprehensible even for a “just cause.”  So what’s America to do? We, yes all of us, need more water or fewer reasons to use water.

There’s a saying some use for economic clarity and I’ll paraphrased “You cannot conserve your way to ample supplies of clean water.” That said our viable options and solutions are no longer easy, cheap, environmentally friendly or simple. What will be our solutions? Fewer people needing less water, less agriculture, genetic manipulated crops requiring less irrigation, perhaps mandated rationing, (that’s always a great solution for entrepreneurial individual employed within the black market, think cartels), of course we might drink less water…

Serious issues requiring calm discussion about various options and potential solutions. If the West had more water, would food be less expensive, would businesses thrive, would the natural beauty slowly return to our rivers and valleys, environmentalist believe humans are to blame, and maybe we are, but just maybe the events developing within our future horizon are meant to force humans to develop better solutions.

Just maybe it’s part of our human development.