Water – When and Where we need it

Water is the West’s is the most precious commodity, without reliable water sources, our western life is threatened. Our jobs, food, homes and life depend on reliable sources of water.  The recent drought in the Western USA has reminded us that we need to protect, secure and wisely use and allocate our dwindling water sources. We are faced with many challenges to safe and secured water resources. Many are by choice and some are by nature. To secure our future water needs we must agree on positive actions that both protect our western way of life and secure long term access, meeting our current and future water needs.

Climate change, the human catchall phase that divides governments, families and the scientists, which causes dysfunctionality and paralysis; yet we must find some type of solution. Is it acceptable to state the earth’s climate has been constantly changing since the formation of our planet, surely few if any could seriously argue this…  but maybe some might!

So, here in the in the western USA we went from drought to flooding this year …and next year which might we experience?

Rather than guess, hope or pray, perhaps we might try to steer our future water requirements by intelligent actions. We hear daily, carbon bad, cars evil, electric cars and wind good, and perhaps that is the right answer. How does this solve our short and long term needs (not requirements) for clean water? Even if we could return the earth’s equilibrium to preindustrial days when the earth had a total of 30 million, how would that society support the earth’s current population of + 7Billion?

We now need to make hard choices; the easy ones have already been taken. Therefore we might think about limiting society’s growth, or limit consumption regionally, perhaps reducing the planet’s stress level. We need to take actions that we know might resolve our problems until technology or science discovers the real long term solutions… or we could just Go to Mars?

There may be others options but let’s keep the hard choices simple, less humans, less consuming, hoping for a scientific solution or leaving earth. These are all Band-Aid’s we might try to reduce the stress on the earth’s resources, Todays problems are the results of past choices, we just need to accept this and move forward. We now must use technologies we now have to ameliorate our future water and environmental concerns.

So, what are we to do and what’s next?

Fact, humans need clean water and air to survive, plus food. Food takes water, air and sunshine to produce. No water, no humans, and no need for food and that might end the effects of climate change effects on humans.  Who among us are going to sign up for this solution?

If we could create more clean water we might be able to somehow mitigate the effects of climate change on humans. Capturing more water takes more land and infrastructure, and that doesn’t sound like a sustainable solution or ecofriendly and/ or acceptable proposition.

Choices we make today effect tomorrow and our future generations. Decades ago consensus was we needed to build water storage facilities where the rain and snow fell. Today however many believe such projects rob from those who are bless with ample rain or snow to meet those who live hundreds of miles away. This resentment is real and needs to be addressed; but we must never forget we are all in this together. Does anyone really believe SoCal is an expendable living area that should fend for themselves, no water leads to no cities, no jobs and no people?

The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, truly believes in his current vision to address and resolve the SoCal’s needs for water by diverting water from the Northern CA Rivers. His plan is to build massive tunnels north of the current 50 year old diversion points, for the sole reason of usurping current environmental regulations. This must really enrage those who see this project as another Band-Aid, since this solution does not provide any additional water to SoCal it just circumvents current regulations. Govern Brown at least has a plan, albeit, not a popular or even ecofriendly solution, but a plan to temporality resolve the SoCal’s requirements for water.

Are there any other possible solutions that actually might create new water supplies that are ecofriendly and sustainable? Why not use sea water to manufacture fresh water? Oh we all know the negatives, takes lots of energy, might further degrade the local seashore, might destroy marine habitant, oh yeah the elephant in the discussion and one most honest people care about, it will costs too much per gallon of water.

So here we are, again, self-inflected paralysis, while time moves forward while our existing water capturing systems and water supplies continue to diminish and our population continues to grow and increase our need for more water.

Desalination (DeSal) is not a silver bullet addressing everyone’s concerns, solving all human and climate issues, but it is a viable ecofriendly sustainable and renewable 30-50 year solution. Linking DeSal with renewable energy, solar, wind and even hydro, does significantly reduce the C02 issues associated with large scale DeSal facilities. Ocean related and marine related concerns from large DeSal faculties surely can be addressed and those impacts reduced to either a minimum or acceptable level, so we humans can continue to live, grow and even prosper on planet earth.

So are we ready to proactively look at alternate solution to our water requirements or shall we just continue to squabble, protest, talk and do little to plan for a sustainable future?

DeSal needs to be investigate and considered a possible near term solution that will meet our needs for additional water supplies that’s are renewable, sustainable and more ecofriendly than any other currently discussed alternative.


Are we ready?