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Support – SolRio

To solve the serious water security issues caused by drought and climate change, we need lots of people to come together and act – and that includes you.


We all need clean, safe drinking water. Your donation funds crucial research and development needed to make the SolRio Project a reality. Together we can find innovative solutions to our water crisis.

SolRio is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your tax-deductible donation will support water resources for generations to come.

Support SolRio Research & Development

Give today for a better tomorrow


The SolRio Project will require multiple solar farms with a combined area of about 39 square miles.


Our mission is to develop an efficient desalination process using the most cutting-edge technologies.

Environmental Impact

We strive to minimize environmental impacts at every stage of the SolRio Project – including energy production, land management, and brine disposal.

Support SolRio’s Research and Development